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Neighbors say they rushed to the aid of dying man after he was hit by car

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE)- Saturday evening, neighbors were still trying to process what happened Friday night near the intersection of 10th and Howard Streets in Jeffersonville. Police said a man, believed to be in his 30s or 40s, was crossing the road when he was hit. Neighbors said they rushed to help the dying man.

"He got hit so hard that it knocked his pants all the way down." Beverly Watson, who lives at the intersection where the accident happened, said.

Her brother was sitting on the front porch and saw it happen. Watson said she rushed outside and saw the man in the roadway. Watson asked for a blanket to cover the man. Along with others, Watson tried to help. A former nursing assistant...instinct kicked in.

"I was trying to get a pulse in his neck. There was no pulse. But, he let out two loud gasps," Said Watson.

The man was taken to University Hospital, in Louisville, where he died. According to police, the driver of the car that hit the man said he didn't see the man until he was directly in front of his car. He tried to stop...but it was too late. The driver stopped and immediately called 911. Police said another driver told police he too saw the man...and almost hit him...but stopped in time. Police said the man was wearing dark clothing.

"The way I was told by the man who had almost just hit him, he was watching and he said the man was walking in the street...not crossing," Watson said.
"I have seen during the daytime, people walking on this road. Because they don't want to walk on this grassy muddy area. And at night time, this is not a well lit area."

Watson said she hoped the tragic situation would foster change.

"I hope that it brings more lighting and sidewalks and stuff down in this area in here. I really do...I really do. We need it. We need it bad"

The victims name has not been released. Police said there does not appear to be any intoxication on the driver's part. At this point, no charges are anticipated against the driver.

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