RSV and stomach virus are making the rounds this week

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- As confirmed reports of Shigellosis continue to climb in Metro Louisville, another stomach illness is making the rounds and causing some confusion.

First, the shigella bacteria typically causes high fevers with bloody diarrhea. Anyone with those symptoms should see your doctor.

But UofL Pediatrician, Dr. Judy Theriot says a run of the mill type of stomach virus is also causing a lot of stomach upset.

It's quite contagious and starts with belly aches, then vomiting and then diarrhea. It's lasting 2 to 4 days.

The patient needs fluids, small sips to help keep it down. Also lots of rest. Stay away from sugary drinks, they can make diarrhea symptoms worse.

Also making the rounds in southern Indiana this week is RSV.

At Norton Community Medical Associates, Pediatrician Jill Howell-Berg is warning parents of the symptoms. It starts like a bad cold with lots of clear nasal drainage, congestion, and a wet-deep cough.  

In serious cases, babies and toddlers can have difficulty breathing and wheezing. Treatment may include breathing treatments to clear the inflammation in the airways, fever management, nasal suctioning, and decongestants. Some children require hospitalization if oxygen levels start to drop or they're really struggling to breath. This to is very contagious.

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