Lawmakers file bill to strengthen human trafficking laws

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - There has been human trafficking right here in Kentucky and more than a dozen people have been charged across the Commonwealth.

Wednesday lawmakers said they can and should be doing more by filing a bill to strengthen existing laws.

Folks from Catholic Charities of Louisville made the trek to Frankfort where they announced the have 67 documented cases of human trafficking in Kentucky in the last four years.

The bill's sponsor says I-65 is a main corridor and victims are often in town for the Kentucky Derby.

Victims consist of all sorts of people.

"There are sexual activities, sex slaves if you will, but there's also forced labor, people who are made to work as domestic of farm labor and their wages are either withheld or stolen from them," said Rep. Sanie Overly, (D) Paris.

There's already a law on the books with 13 charges since 2007, but this bill would strengthen it.

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