Metro council to discuss Constable Whitlock and his position

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A grand jury recently indicted a Louisville constable after he shot a suspected shoplifter in a Walmart parking lot and Thursday the metro council will examine the issue.

It's been a tangled web of back forth involving Constable David Whitlock and Tammy Jamian Ortiz.

It all started November 2 with that shooting outside the Walmart on Raggard Road. That's when records say that Constable Whitlock shot Ortiz in the face and the arm as she was allegedly shoplifting from the store.

Constable Whitlock claims she ran over his foot.

2 days later, her attorney announced she would be suing the constable.

About a week later, metro council got involved, questioning the role and authority of constables.

Just before Christmas, Constable Whitlock filed his own lawsuit, going after metro government, including a former LMPD officer, and the mayor.

Now the plot thickens in mid-January: that's when Tammy Jamian Ortiz was arrested again, for shoplifting at a K-Mart store right next door to the Walmart where this whole case started.

Perhaps the biggest shocker of all came in late January: a grand jury indicted Constable Whitlock on two felony charges, including assault and wanton endangerment.

That brings us to Metro Hall, where Thursday night, another chapter: metro council is expected to ask the Commonwealth Attorney's Office to investigate Constable Whitlock for wrong-doing regarding his position.

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