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January 28, 2012

MicroEnterprise Development Program: Spark

A 10-week start-up business development course.

For information and applications, click here.

Call: (502) 574-5866 or 574-5168 or Email: capenterprise@louisvilleky.gov

(For information about the Ignite portion of the MicroEnterprise Development Program featured January 21 on WAVE Country, click here.)


Preemies and RSV

More than a half-million babies are born too soon every year in the United States. With the premature birth rate rising 36% in the last 25 years, prematurity is the leading cause of newborn death and often causes health complications in babies who do survive.

One virus that can be especially dangerous for preemies this winter is RSV.  Preemie mom Crystal Diehl and neonatal nurse Pam McArthur discussed prematurity in Kentucky. Advice on how to protect against RSV can be found at www.rsvprotection.com.