Bardstown Police nab lawn mower thief

BARDSTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Police say he's responsible for more than a dozen unusual burglaries in Bardstown. They say they know---because they caught him red handed!

Home owner Liz Buckman couldn't believe her eyes. Thousands of dollars in hot yard equipment: Lawn mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers. There's garage stuff too: Generators, TV's, even fishing poles. All of it just waiting for owners inside the Bardstown Police Department.

Buckman told WAVE 3 News, "I was very glad to get the call," she continued "and very glad to get my push mower."

"Needless to say, we were just shy of a department store summer clearance it looks like here," said Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin describing his police station full of stolen goods.

Talk about service, police not only got the stolen items back for victims like Buckman, they also got their lawn mower man: 46-year-old William Kevin Ballard.

McCubbin said, "We were very fortunate with some good old fashioned police work as we responded to a burglary call in a garage." McCubbin explained, as the victim got a plate number, the officer caught up to Ballard.

Once at Ballard's home, their recent bad rash of burglaries was solved.

"Most people that burglarize and steal get rid of it as quickly as they can and it's almost as if this man was hoarding this stuff," the Chief said of Ballard.

McCubbin said maybe Ballard was planning one huge yard sale.

Whatever the case, victims like Buckman are happy and thankful for the quick closure. Buckman said of the suspect who is now cooperating with police, "I hope he pays dearly because he took a lot of people's hard earned money."

Ballard will be charged with multiple counts of burglary. Police say he may have been operating in as many as three Kentucky counties and with other suspects, considering some of the heavy equipment they found.

Anyone who may be a victim, should call the Bardstown Police Department.

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