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Local affiliates react to Komen funding decision

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Susan G. Komen Foundation has changed their decision to deny funding to Planned Parenthood. Word came this afternoon after days of public outcry. So what effect does all this have locally? Neither Planned Parenthood of Kentucky nor Indiana take money from Komen to fund their breast screenings they offer to their patients.

Both Planned Parenthood in Louisville and the Komen Affiliate hear have gotten an earful about the national decision. Through their walks and other fundraisers the Komen Louisville affiliate says it raises about a million dollars and gives 75 percent of that back locally to programs that fit breast health and awareness needs through grants. "It's through that review process that an award can be given. Anyone that fits the application criteria can fill to an application and we encourage them to do so," says Louisville Affiliate President Bob Silverthorn.

Planned Parenthood of Kentucky says it gave more than 22 hundred breast exams last year alone. It's part of their main mission. It's funded through other means, but if they wanted help Komen, they could still apply for it now.

"Obviously, I think everyone at Planned Parenthood supporters everywhere were extremely happy, pleased, relived, sort of shocked by the amount the outpouring that's been experienced," says Taylor Ewing Johnstone with Planned Parenthood.

Komen says the decision was not to pull money from Planned Parenthood, but rather disqualify any future application because Planned Parenthood is under a congressional investigation. The wording has now been changed from denying grants to those under an official investigation to those who are under a criminal one.  

"It's unfortunate that sometimes a political litmus test enters into these discussions, but at the end of the day we are about finding a cure for breast cancer. That is our goal. That is our passion," says Silverthorn.

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