Discovery released in the case of a constable shooting an alleged shoplifter

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The discovery in the criminal case of David Whitlock was released late Friday afternoon and it contained some very interesting surveillance video from the day of the shooting.

A grand jury indicted Whitlock on two felony charges, assault and wanton endangerment, after shooting an alleged shoplifter outside a Louisville Walmart last November.

The video shows a red pick up truck the alleged shoplifter, Tammy Ortiz, was in backing up and Whitlock running up to it with his gun pointed at the truck. The truck stops and Whitlock approaches it.

We know Whitlock shot Ortiz -- also known as Tammy Jamian -- at that Walmart in PRP.

Whitlock said he had to shoot her because she was trying to run over his foot as he tried to stop her.

Metro council wants the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office to investigate Whitlock for wrong-doing regarding his position.

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