Video discovery released in constable shooting

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's the surveillance video that captures an alleged shoplifter being shot by a Jefferson County constable.

WAVE 3 News has the discovery in the criminal case against constable David Whitlock.

Late Friday, WAVE 3 obtained a copy of the video that appears to show the alleged shoplifter Tammie Ortiz trying to get away from security employees and landing right into the path of Whitlock.

Cameras at the PRP Walmart captures alleged shoplifter Tammie Ortiz on November 2.

You can see Ortiz walking out of the store in a white shirt, shorts and cap surrounded by loss prevention security officers trying to keep her from leaving the store.

It appears that in two different locations, Ortiz puts down her bags while she's avoiding the officers and trying to walk out the front doors.

Outside, it appears Ortiz is trying to get away from the employees, getting into a red pick-up truck.

Whitlock who's been indicted on two felony charges in the case, claims he was off-duty and at the Walmart shopping when the security officers asked him to stop Ortiz.

From one camera angle you can see one of the men stopping Whitlock in his gray SUV and pointing out which truck Ortiz is in. Whitlock gets out of his vehicle and runs up to Ortiz's truck with his weapon drawn.

She appears to try and back away and then pull off. That's when prosecutors believe Whitlock shot her.

Ortiz, who's also known as Tammie Jamian, was shot in the arm and the face. She told her lawyer she thought Whitlock was a mugger.

Whitlock has said, he shot Ortiz because she ran over his foot as he tried to stop her but, police said there was no evidence of an injury.

In the video, Whitlock doesn't appear to be limping and instead appears to be running to his SUV to possibly go after Ortiz but, he stops instead.

Another camera captures Ortiz's truck license plate.

Weeks later, Oritz was picked up by police on another shoplifting charge at a local K Mart. Whitlock said of Ortiz then, "Her past criminal record speaks for itself and her recent incident at the Kmart goes to show the public the type of person I was dealing with on November 2."

Friday night, Whitlock's attorney Brian Butler told WAVE 3 News, he couldn't immediately  comment on the discovery because he's still going through it.

Ortiz's attorney did not return our calls.

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