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Kentuckiana couple pays hundreds for Super Bowl tickets they never received

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) – With the big game so close to home this year, it's hard for anyone in Kentuckiana not to get the itch to head north. One Bullitt County family had that same thought, but quickly regretted their decision to purchase Super Bowl tickets online.

"We thought, wouldn't it be neat to take our kids to the Super Bowl," said Marcy Goins of Shepherdsville. 

It's that impromptu moment, Goins can't help but replay over and over in her mind. "I don't care about going to the Super Bowl," said Goins. "My husband doesn't care about it, but since it is so close, it would just be an experience for my children and that's what I wanted to create."

They started looking on Craigslist, when they found two tickets for sale at what seemed like a reasonable price. They decided to splurge in hopes of sending their two teenage sons to a once in a lifetime game.

"A memorable experience that they would have as brothers forever," said Goins.
They were able to contact the seller by phone and agreed on a price of $700 for the pair. While they were a little leery, they trusted the man on the other line- who mentioned there was a death in the family and he wasn't going to be able to make the trip to Indianapolis. 

"He just sounded like the average Joe, just as nice as he could be, there were children in the background," said Goins. "At one point he even asked his wife, could you please take the children out, so that I can hear."

The ticket seller asked the Goins to purchase a pre-paid credit card. "You go to Kroger and purchase this and then it wires directly to his account," said Goins. Goins says she was told the tickets were on the way.

"He never sent a tracking number, we never had anymore phone communication with him," said Goins.

So we logged onto Craigslist days after the Goins purchased two tickets. The exact same seats, same picture and all, were there for sale at a higher price. When we contacted the seller, we were told in order to start the transaction, we would first need to send him our full name, address, and our eBay ID, once we did that we would be sent an invoice on how to purchase the tickets.

"It just makes me sick," said Goins. "We got scammed and that's all you can say."

Goins contacted the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office and they are currently working with a detective. They also sent a fraud report to Craigslist about these ads, but at this time they have not been removed. 

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