EXCLUSIVE: Victim asks that the man who tortured her remain in prison

(source: KY online offender lookup)
(source: KY online offender lookup)

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville woman says she was beaten, sodomized, and left for dead 17 years ago in a Jefferson County Park. The attacker has only served part of his sentence, but is eligible for parole. She spoke Exclusively with WAVE saying she is doing whatever she can do stop him from being released.

"I don't ever want to be tortured again," said the victim identifying herself only as "Nancy."  "Please don't let him out. Please don't let him out."

Nancy tells a room full of strangers who are on the Parole Board, her story.

"He literally held me and drug me by my hair when he sodomized me," said Nancy. "He beat me about my head and when he asked the other guy to do more to me and he wouldn't do it right away, he punched and kicked him."

She's talking about 41-year-old Paul Bates, who was just 25 when he was arrested and Mark Abell who was 29. In 1995, WAVE 3 aired surveillance video of these two men from inside the Toy Tiger Lounge, and viewers' tips lead investigators to find the men.

"The most important thing I remember is the two detectives that helped me with my case said, if nothing else you did absolutely everything right because you lived," said Nancy choking up.

Police eventually found her at Fisherman's Park in eastern Jefferson County.

"I'm telling ya'll they buried me in the ground and left me for dead," said Nancy. "Then they went home and got changed and went to work after torturing me for six house--went to work."

After telling her story to the Parole Board for the fourth time, she and her husband must wait because it's out of their hands.

"As soon as the decision is made, the inmate will be the first to know and then you will be notified immediately thereafter," Parole Board Member George Carson told Nancy.

Nancy says she continues speaking for the victims who cannot, and that she wants to keep these men behind bars so they don't hurt anyone else. Nancy says Bates has never reached out to make amends, but even if he had, she would still ask he remain behind bars.

"I have to continue to pray daily for me to ask God to forgive him for what he has done because there are still times in my heart where I cannot forgive, and if I cannot forgive then I can't be forgiven, and I've got to be able to forgive," said Nancy.

Two members of the Parole Board will review the case and talk to Bates himself on Thursday. If those members don't agree, the case will go to the full board.

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