Police looking for men responsible for breaking into Bullitt County flea market

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Someone stole nearly $95,000 worth of collectible coins and cash from a Bullitt County flea market.

They broke in during the overnight hours last Sunday, but thanks to some newly installed cameras, the crime is all on tape.

Charles Sparkman, better known as Sparky, can tell you pretty much all you want to know about any coin ever made. Though it's a hobby that may not mean much to some.

"It gets in your blood. It does," said Sparky.

Holding a piece of silver takes Sparky back to his childhood in eastern Kentucky when he'd get a quarter for helping pick up scrap metal.

I'd hold on to that to get me a coat in the winter," said Sparky. "I like coins. They bought things I never could have."

Now Sparky is hoping you will recognize the men in this surveillance video who broke into the Awesome Flea Market in Shepherdsville and stole nearly $95,000 worth of coins and cash.

"Rampaged my place got right at $60,000 worth of silver and gold plus all the damage they done," said Sparky.

The cameras are only around the kitchen area of the flea market, but the men are clearly pointing out specific booths with their crow bars.

"There's several dealers in the flea market of other items tools, electronics and that kind of thing they seemed to really focus on the coin dealers," said Sgt. Troy Armstrong with the Shepherdsville Police Department.

It appears the burglars have been aware of some of the security in place at the flea market. They do have an alarm system that the police department says is so sensitive they've been called out for birds in the building. They say these men disabled it before they went in.

It gave the burglars a chance to get away with all Sparky's Morgan, Peace, Presidential and half dollars without noticing.

Sparky says he has hope police will catch these men. He's pretty sure all his coins will be sold off by then, but maybe with your help they won't steal someone else's hard work.

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