Chester's Tavern Focuses On Good Food

By Carrie and Kevin Harned

(LOUISVILLE, February 26th, 2004) -- Kentuckiana is blessed with many one-of-a-kind restaurants, and recently Chester's Tavern was added to the list. It's quickly becoming a south end favorite. Carrie and Kevin Harned report.

If you're looking for something new on the dining scene, the south end has the answer. Nearly a year ago, an old Shoney's was transformed into Chester's Tavern.

"There's not a restaurant like this in the south end," says owner Ken Dezren. "We have a very dedicated clientele."

From the white table clothes to the fresh flowers, extensive menu and buffet, Chester's Tavern offers a unique experience, and one that lasts nearly all day, serving up lunch, dinner and late night fare.

"People feel comfortable coming here," Dezren says. "A lady told me the other day it's kinda like a 'Cheers,' so everybody knows everybody. And it's nice."

The comfortable surroundings and friendly atmosphere have kept the heat on in the kitchen. At one time, chef Patrick Dale was serving 500 meals a day. And Dale says there's no shortage of selection. "We have everything from the fillet, which we do with a crab meat mornay ... we have the hot brown dish. We also have a vegetarian dish which is a grilled portabella with Alfredo sauce with artichokes."

In fact, there's actually a regular menu and one to suit those who prefer southern style food. And save room for dessert.

But most of all, don't let the word, "Tavern," scare you.

says "tavern is actually a place people gather for good food, good drink and good conversation ... it's not a beer joint."

Upscale but not outrageous is the best way to describe Chester's. Dinner entrees run from $8.95- $18.95.

And with all the great food, the place is usually crowded, so reservations are accepted.

Chester's Tavern is located at 5444 New Cut Road, not far from Iroquois Park. It's open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, and late nights, as well as Saturdays for breakfast and Sundays for brunch.

Online Reporters: Carrie Harned and Kevin Harned

Online Producer: Michael Dever