Sweeping drug roundup in Carroll County, KY

CARROLL COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Accused drug users and dealers woke up this morning to cops at the front door. Officers were armed with more than 36 indictment warrants when they began a sweeping drug round up.

The pre-dawn arrests stem from drug investigations that culminated in heroin, meth and oxycontin trafficking and dealing. "We're starting to have a major problem with heroin," Willhoite said.

In such a small community where resources and money are tight, Carrollton Police, Kentucky State Police and the Carroll County Sheriff's Office are combining their manpower to take in suspected dealers. This problem in our county and across the state is bigger than any one agency can deal with.

"The whole range of narcotics is what we're dealing with right now," Carrollton Police Chief Mike Willhoite said. "We have reached an all-time high and the abuse of drugs, both legal and illegal."

"There's a lot of meth labs in this area. We're getting heroin coming in from the bigger cities. We're getting marijuana, cocaine and we're find it all on the streets at this point," KSP Trooper Brad Arterburn said.

Police say the users do not fit a profile. "It could be the person you live next to. The person you went to school with," Arterburn said.

"This problem we're facing isn't age specific. It ranges from the very young all the way up to middle age and older," Willhoite said.

A problem with consequences affecting more than just the accused. "Most of these suspects are parents. We're doing the best we can to get these kids the safety and the help they're going to need to get through this," Sheriff Jamie Kinman said.

And now those parents will be moving through the court system.

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