Expert looks at TASER video

(source: Stanford University)
(source: Stanford University)

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) - WAVE 3 continues to investigate the death of a Shelbyville teen who was shot and killed by officers back in November. Most of what happened was caught on cameras that were on the officers' TASERS.

A grand jury has cleared Officer Suzanna Marcum, the one who shot Williams of any wrongdoing, but before that shooting happened officers tried to subdue Trey Williams with a TASER.

Attorneys for Williams' family say when officers saw that the TASER was not working they should have stopped and called in backup rather than continuing to Tase.

We showed the video to Stanford Law Professor Dr. Robert Weisberg. His background is in criminal procedure. He says from his view he didn't see anything illegal, but does question the amount of time officers continued to send volts of electricity into Williams.

"The case calls for re-examination of training methods. It may well be that if the reaction phenomenon is at all common police need to be trained in when and how to use the TASER, but in how to tell when the TASER is being counterproductive and when it is safe, and indeed necessary, to stop Tasering and try something else," says Weisberg.

He says what needs to be done is studies by scientist to determine what neurological effect TASERS can have on the brain.

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