WAVE 3 Editorial - February 9, 2012: Feedback

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

Our guest editorial advocating public charter schools in Kentucky drew some critical responses.

Larry emailed "It seems that is an effort to get more welfare for the 1% who have their children in private schools."

David emailed: "I applaud Hal Heiner for wanting to make a difference, however I suggest we fix our public schools by making changes with what we have in place. We need smaller classes, accountability of parents and students, discipline, travel limits on buses, and teaching fundamental education in the primary schools."

Regarding our Redistricting editorial, Tony emailed: "It is time we remind the politicians who they work for.  Once elected they only care about themselves and getting re-elected."

As expected, a judge struck down Kentucky's legislative redistricting plan as unconstitutional and ordered that this year's elections be run in the districts that have been in place for the past decade unless the House and Senate can pass new plans that are constitutional.

We encourage lawmakers to approve legislation already proposed to have an independent commission handle the redistricting and get on with the business of passing an equitable budget.

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