Neighbors react to tasing video of Shelbyville teen shooting victim

Trey Williams
Trey Williams

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE)- Months after 18-year-old Trey Williams was shot and killed inside his grandmother's Shelbyville home, we are seeing parts of what happened that day, thanks to cameras on the officer's tasers.

WAVE 3 showed neighbors who were there that day the video for the first time. One neighbor we showed the video to said it was "sad" and "disturbing." His wife was brought to tears as she watched it. Juan Amador and his wife Millie were just moving in that November day, when they saw from afar, what was happening.

"It was horrible that it ended like that," Millie Amador said. "I mean, we thought it was just something simple, just something minor."
Minor it wasn't. That November day, Williams was shot and killed by a Shelbyville police officer inside his grandmother's home. Much of the course of events captured on camera via the officer's taser.

"It's pretty sad, what I see in this video," said her husband Juan. "It's very disturbing."

Officers enter the home and Officer Frank Willoughby found Williams in a bathroom, where tasing began.

"It looked like to me, watching the video, that he was trying to put his hands behind his back," Millie said. "He was trying to comply with them."

Portions of the video so intense, Millie wiped away tears.

"It's sad," Millie said. "I mean he was 18-years-old. He never had a chance at life. They should've went about it a different way. I believe they didn't have to shoot and kill him. "

A Grand Jury decided against indicting Suzanna Marcum, the officer who shot Williams, for murder.

"I think the police officer, she needs to have more training," Juan said. "More communication and in this situation, she needed to have more back up."

Some people who knew Williams described him as a guy who loved his job and was a stand-out athlete at school. Shelbyville Police Chief Bob Schutte declined to comment at this time. Officer Willoughby told investigators at the time, Williams was attacking the officer and he doesn't believe he would have survived if not for officer Marcum.

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