GE opens new manufacturing facility, rolls out new product

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's a sight for sore eyes at Appliance Park. Muffled under the bent metal and robotic machinery, you'll find someone grateful to be clocking in.

"It's pretty exciting. The environment. All the jobs coming back to the US," said Kevin Moore, an hourly worker who started his new job with General Electric after years of looking for work.

Bill Napier feels the same way.

"I'm just happy to be here and be a part of it," said Napier.

Pull aside any one of these line workers or engineers and it's hard pressed to find someone not crackin' a grin or shaking a hand.

It's a new day at Appliance Park. GE began rolling out its new line Friday. The GEOSpring Hybrid Water Heater is the product of hundreds of new jobs the company hired as it continues its promise to invest $800-million into our community.

"To be able to come back and be fully back to work after the economic and hard times is just fantastic," Napier said. "To me it's the most exciting time in my whole working career."

Their new employer thinks so, too and celebrated its latest product with fanfare and celebration.

Federal, state and local leaders visited the manufacturing facility as the company launched the new water heater and touted the new jobs.

This new water heater is the first product made at Appliance in 50 years, and is the first of several energy efficient products to be rolled out as part of GE's $800 million investment in Appliance Park. The production of the water heater has led to the creation of 480 jobs, according to a press release from Mayor Greg Fischer's Office.

Every day company leaders say the GEOSpring Hybrid Water Heaters will be rolling out by the time workers clock out.

"From the start of the line to the point you see a finished product going to the consumer it's about a one shift period of time," said Tom Zimmer, the product manager.

The finished product will be on store shelves at retailers like Sears and Lowes beginning in March.

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