Indiana State Police using clever method to catch drivers acting badly

Clark County, IN (WAVE)- Bad drivers busted! Indiana State Police are doing their jobs to protect drivers and construction workers on state highways and they're doing it in a clever and effective way. You probably won't recognize him.

"Sometimes you have to remember they don't know what you are," Indiana State Police Sergeant Manville Nagle said as he began driving.

In a camouflage, of sorts, Sergeant Nagle certainly see's you.

"Sometimes, we'll get 'em and people are going by them at 70 miles an hour and there'll be work crew working on the road," Said Nagle.

Using 1 of just 3 vehicles in the state. This one since December 2011. Provided by and even appearing to be with INDOT.

"So, we can sit in an INDOT zone like here, with the orange barrels up and we'll blend right in and people will do things they shouldn't do," Nagle said.

It is working well on Hoosier highways. WAVE 3 rode along with Nagle as he patrolled portions of Interstate 65. Nagle pulled over two drivers on separate occasions. Last month alone 302 citations were written from this truck alone.

"Our hope is that people understand that they need to obey the laws for the safety of others," Nagle said. "And that they'll never know what we're driving."

Sergeant Nagle also said they have also gotten several people who are seen texting while driving.

"Also, we've been very fortunate in this. We're so much higher, we've gotten several people texting. What I'll do , is, when I see somebody texting, I'll turn the camera on them, I'll turn it , face them, film a little bit of it. Then, once I get a good film of it, I'll stop them. It just helps if they decide to go to court later on," Nagle said.

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