Second person charged in Louisville business burglary

Peter Barth
Peter Barth

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Paintball Asylum sits on 43 acres of fun, but that playground is where thieves cashed in earlier this month.

"Everything was ransacked; even the items they didn't take were just thrown around; everything was in disarray," said Paintball Asylum owner Kenny Schell.

Schell came to work on Thursday, February 2 taking inventory of the things he no longer had.

"$30,000 worth of commercial mowers," he explains, listing more than four dozen items stolen, adding up to nearly $100,000.

Employees at Paintball Asylum are beefing up on both surveillance and security; and are also installing more high-tech locks to prevent another burglary from taking place.

"It was just a numb, mad, upset feeling as soon as we get here and we didn't have a clue as to what was going on," Schell said.

Two pick-up trucks were stolen, one of which the thieves tried to torch in a wooded area, but only scorched the inside of it.

Bullitt County detectives would later tell the Louisville business owner that they believe Peter Barth is the guy responsible.

He's the same guy who's behind bars, accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of cash and coins from the Awesome Flea Market in Shepherdsville to the tune of nearly $100,000.

That robbery happened on Sunday, February 5; just a few days after Paintball Asylum.

"I'm still in shock, when I look in there are I see the same items that were stolen from us and they are back there, it's almost like I had a bad dream," Schell said.

As for Schell, he's just surprised to have most of his items back nearly a week after they were stolen.

"I'm paranoid still; trying to protect myself better, I mean I feel like I'm lucky because there are people that get stuff stolen every day and they don't get any closure," Schell said.

The investigation into the burglaries at the Awesome Flea Market and Paintball Asylum remain under investigation by many different police agencies.

Additional charges were filed against Barth late Monday afternoon, February 13 for the Paintball Asylum burglary. Barth is currently behind bars for the Awesome Flea Market burglary.

Police believe Barth didn't act alone.

As part of their investigation, Dwayne Hodge, 38, was arrested Monday afternoon, February 13 in Shepherdsville.

The Bullitt County Sheriff's Department believes he was an accomplice with Peter Barth in the Paintball Asylum burglary.  Hodge is charged with several counts of receiving stolen property.

More charges and information are expected in the coming days.

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