Report on audit recommendations due

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Tuesday is the deadline for board members at Metro Sewer District to report what changes they've made since Kentucky's State Auditor said they weren't doing business properly.

Since that time, former Executive Director Bud Schardein has retired, board members have been replaced and MSD has been a lot of policy changes including implementing a 16 page ethics policy. Interim Director Greg Heitzman says they've achieved about 40 percent of the recommendations. He says it will be at least four more months before he expects MSD to be at 100 percent.

"There's a lot implemented in regards to audit, discretionary spending, existing contracts with our formal legal advisor and financial advisor. All of those are working, with a 150 recommendations, we're working a lot of these in parallel so many have been addressed, but we have to button up a lot of the secondary audit items," explains Heitzman.

They've also put internal audit protocol in place. Next month MSD says they also plan to unveil a new website that is much more transparent. It offers customers options to look up what the company is spending on all it's projects.

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