WAVE 3 Guest Editorial, February 14, 2012: Keep Brownsboro Road Moving

By Winston Miller

Your commute downtown is about to be more complex and significantly longer.

Starting April 1, Metro Government plans to reduce the Clifton area of Brownsboro Road 0.6 miles from four driving lanes to two, immediately creating excessive congestion and danger. We need to halt this project before it starts.

Brownsboro Road is a major commuter artery and this will slow all traffic to the speed of the slowest vehicle, and force you to stop every time a TARC bus stops. What are we going to do when River Road floods, there is a wreck on I-71, or during the five to ten years of the massive downtown bridge project?

This will slow the response time of the Fire, EMS, and Police departments.

Reducing the lanes of traffic will harm businesses by forcing customers onto other roadways. Most businesses and property owners were not aware of this plan until very recently and were not properly notified of these changes.

As our city's budget tightens once again, there are better ways our community can use the $400,000 price tag on this project. It's time to stop, rethink, and reset. Let's accomplish our needs in a more practical way that doesn't negatively impact our community.

More than 1,500 citizens share our concerns. If you feel the same, please go to Save42.org and sign our petition, or call/write Mayor Fischer and your Councilperson with your thoughts.

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