Authorities investigating after burglars hit 5 Hardin County churches in one night

RADCLIFF, KY (WAVE) - Thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen from five Hardin County churches in one night.

Police said the burglars struck Sunday night in Radcliff and Eastview, taking off with thousands of dollars of equipment. Three churches in the Eastview area were burglarized Sunday night and two churches were hit in Radcliff.

Church members tell WAVE 3 they are still in shock over what happened at their places of worship.

"It just makes me really sick to my know our church was violated," said Gloryland Harvest church member and preschool teacher, Terri Ewen.

A church Ewen has come to for 14 years.

"It's just really sad that they would hit up God's house like that and destroy God's property like that," Ewen said as she fought back tears.

Ewen said she came to Gloryland Harvest church Monday morning and saw a light on, thought it strange, then made a few calls. She saw TVs missing...cut and ripped out of their wall mounts...and a back room floor a mess.

"I didn't know if there was anybody in that room or not," Ewen said. "So, the next thing I do, is I go grab my purse and my keys and I go to the door."

Radcliff police said another Radcliff church, the St. Christopher Catholic Church, was also hit Sunday night. Parish administrator, Dean Sears told WAVE 3 a television was stolen, which he said was "unusual for the church." Police said it appears the thief or thieves broke into two back entries at the churches.

"I would say that there's a good chance that the same person has done both of them," said Radcliff Police Department spokesperson, Bryce Shumate.

Gloryland church member, Eddy Vilar, said the thief or thieves took an expensive computer and plucked musical instruments off the sanctuary stage.

"This is years' worth of equipment that the church took time to pay for," Vilar said.

Their 3 studio video cameras, each worth $10,000? Gone, according to Vilar.

"They actually took our video surveillance system, which actually prevents us from being able to look back at the footage and see who possibly stepped out into the hallways," Vilar said.

The brazen burglaries leaving many wondering who would steal from a church?

"Somebody out there watching channel 3 right now may know what's going on and call in," Shumate said, Monday.

"We believe that they're going to get caught," Vilar said. "The Bible says that vengeance is his...not ours."

No arrests have been made and police are still searching for a suspect or suspects. Anyone who has information is asked to call Radcliff police at (270) 351-TIPS.

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