Doing Our Part From The Heart campaign in need of donations

LOUISIVLLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville Metro Councilwoman Madonna Flood is continuing her fight to support the troops overseas.

Tuesday was the 6th annual kickoff of her "Doing Our Part From The Heart" campaign.

It's a donation drive that collects everyday items that our troops find very valuable while overseas.

Councilwoman Flood started the program for her son who served overseas and brought her attention to the needs of US troops.

Items needed: chewing gum, mints, Lifesavers, deodorant, lotion, foot powder, body wash, razors, Q-Tips, Band-Aids, eye drops, bug repellant with DEET, hand sanitizer, Wet Ones, Kool-aide, Gatorade, peanut butter, individual snacks, chips, nuts, pretzels, Neosporin, candy that will not melt, sun block, after sun lotion, nasal spray, Tylenol, pain relievers.

You can drop off items at the following locations:

Republic Bank: "From the Heart Account" at all Republic Banks

Okolona Fire Department, 8501 Preston Highway, Louisville

Scheller's Fitness & Cycling, 8323 Preston Highway, Louisville, 11520 Shelbyville Road, Louisville and 1000 Veterens Parkway, Clarksville

Jackson-Hewitt Tax Preparers: All locations in Louisville and Southern Indiana

Allegra Print & Imaging, 8307 Preston Highway, Louisville

BC Roosters, 76405 Preston Highway, Louisville and 4420 Dixie Highway, Louisville

Ong's Urgent Care, 12937 Shelbyville Road, Louisville

Kentucky Telco, 4816 Outer Loop, Louisville

Sternburg Automotive Group, 3700 Crittenden Driver and 6507 Preston Highway, Louisville

City Hall, 601 West Jefferson, Louisville (enter from Jefferson entrance)

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