Lawmakers discussing the office of the constable

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - The office of constable is up for debate in Frankfort.

A Louisville representative is fighting to get rid of the office all together, but wants you to have the final say and vote to remove it in a constitutional amendment.

The bill passed through committee which would eliminate the positions of constable across the state not just here in Jefferson County.

Louisville Rep. Joni Jenkins filed House Bill 240 which members heard in committee.

This comes as the Commonwealth charged Jefferson County Constable David Whitlock with assault and wanton endangerment following an incident at a PRP Walmart where he claims he was trying to stop a shoplifter, but ended up shooting her in the arm and face.

Jenkins says the office is unnecessary and antiquated.

"One of the problems is that once you are elected constable you automatically become the status of a peace officer, which most people have to go through intensive training to get that status," said Jenkins.

Many people testified on behalf of this bill including law enforcement associations, the League of Cities and Association of Counties.

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