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Body scanners coming to Louisville airport

Traveler undergoing full body scan Traveler undergoing full body scan
David Vaughn David Vaughn
Chuck Moore Chuck Moore

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There are changes coming to the way security works at Louisville's airport. The Transportation Security Administration confirms they will be installing body scanners in the next few weeks.

The TSA says these will scan passengers with electromagnetic waves searching for metallic and non-metallic items. Louisville will join the 140 other airports across the country that already have the controversial technology.

You may remember Kentucky's Senator Rand Paul told TSA agents something was wrong with a machine in Nashville's airport when it found something on him. Passenger David Vaughn from Louisville agreed the machine's just slow things down.

"I'd like to see them do pre-screening," said Vaughn. "I think it saves wasted time. In the long run might be more secure."

The TSA says 35 airports offer pre-screening and they hope to expand that in the future. They say that, along with the body scanners are part of their layered system to make sure they aren't lumping every passenger in one category.

Chuck Moore from Prospect was on his way to San Diego when he learned of the changes that are coming to the airport. He says he's with TSA on whatever it thinks needs to be done.

"Over zealousness is better than none at all," said Moore, "so we have to put up with it."

The TSA says it'll be a few weeks before they can get the 9-foot tall machines installed. Both Louisville and Lexington will be getting machines that use electromagnetic waves to scan. There is another type of machine that uses low level x-ray. The TSA says both have been tested and are safe.

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