Mild winter causing sinus misery

WHAT'S GOING AROUND:  Mild Winter Leads to Early Allergy Flares.. Trees and Molds started registering in Kentuckiana the first of the month.  This doesn't typically start until late February or early March.  It's causing a lot of sinus infections, allergy problems and asthma flares...

We received this report from Dr. Timothy Feger with Family Allergy and Asthma..

Asthma and sinus flares due to continually changing weather conditions

Asthma:  chest tightness, wheezing and coughing, and need for rescue inhalers
Sinus infection: stuffy head, chest congestion, itchy eyes, fatigue, facial pain (above and/or below eyes), tooth ache, post nasal drip, bad breath

Discuss with allergist to ensure using medications properly  
Continuing taking medications as directed; if symptoms do not improve, call for an appointment
 If never diagnosed with asthma, evaluate for underlying allergies

Sinus Infections:
" possible need for antibiotic
" sinus rinse
" may need CT to accurately diagnose sinus infection