WAVE 3 Editorial - February 16, 2012: Vehicle Repair

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Insurance companies are not supposed to tell you where to take your car for repairs when you contact them regarding a damaged vehicle.

That does not necessarily stop them from doing so and it sometimes results in a faster depreciation on the value of your vehicle if the repairs are made with parts that don't compare in quality.

A new law being considered in Kentucky will make it mandatory for insurers to inform claimants upon notification of a motor vehicle damage claim that the claimant has a right to choose a repair facility.

Among other things the proposed law also provides that appraisals for motor vehicle damage claims must include a notice stating the claimant has a right to choose a repair facility.  Fines will be levied if those notices are not given.

This bill is pro-consumer and we hope our legislators pass it.

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