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Woman who admits causing deadly crash avoids jail time for now

Rebecca Johnson Rebecca Johnson
Tammy Cantrell-Williams Tammy Cantrell-Williams
Crash Victims (L to R) Ben Mcintosh and Justin Cantrell Crash Victims (L to R) Ben Mcintosh and Justin Cantrell

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- She admitted to killing two people in a 2006 drunk driving crash. For the second time this week, Rebecca Johnson faced a judge in trouble with the law again. Johnson at the Jefferson County Judicial Center to answer to a public intoxication charge, which would be a violation of her probation. Johnson posted the 10% of $10,000 bond, Thursday and is a free woman. 

It was more than five years ago when Rebecca Johnson drove drunk and caused the crash that killed two men. She pleaded guilty but she's back in court this week, opening old wounds that had finally started to heal for one of the victim's families.

"I kind of feel like we were starting to maybe crawl just a little bit," Said Tammy Cantrell-Williams, the mother of Justin Cantrell, one of the crash victims. "And I felt, with this new charges, that we have just been completely knocked back down totally."

Cantrell Williams sat in the courtroom Thursday, her son, 20-year-old Justin Cantrell and 21-year-old Ben Mcintosh were killed in the 2006 crash. Because Johnson took a plea deal, her prison sentence was reduced to 5 years probation. In January, Johnson was arrested in Carroll County on charges of public intoxication and possession of synthetic marijuana. Given her history, the Commonwealth Attorney's Office pushed for a bond.

"Your honor, given the nature of the underlying conviction and the fact that although the new violation does not involve driving, it does involve substance abuse," Said Commonwealth's Attorney Kristi Gray. "We do think it's appropriate for the court to set a bond in this case and we would ask the court to do so."

"She has always appeared at all times since this case has been attending," Said defense attorney Bart Adams. "Or a bond of $10,000 10% approved if you feel like there must be some cash involved."

The judge agreed and set Johnson's bond at 10% of  $10,000. He also ordered her not to drive, drink alcohol, or use drugs.

"I think it went very well. I continue to have faith in the entire judicial system," Said Cantrell-Williams. "We will continue to fight for justice for the boys."

Gray said the court has options when it comes to Johnson's probation revocation hearing.

"The court could revoke her and require her to serve the 20 year sentence. The court could deny our motion to revoke if he finds that there wasn't a violation of the conditions of her probation. He could impose jail time or alternate penalties rather than revoke the entire 20 year sentence," Said Gray.

Johnson is due back in court in April.

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