Two injured after pit bull attacks owner while driving down the road

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) -Two people are recovering, after an attack inside their pick-up truck while they were driving down the road Thursday afternoon.

It all unfolded around 1:30 Thursday afternoon, just outside the Carriss Grocery store at the corner of Highway 44 & 714 in Shelbyville. That's when the business owner and his wife heard the frantic cries for help and came running out to see what was happening.

"As soon as they pulled over they were crying for help and I ran up there to them," said store owner June Lisby.

He couldn't figure out what all the commotion was about.

When asked what he saw when he got to the vehicle, June said, "A lot of steamed up windows; couldn't tell what was going on."

Just then, the women's son was able to get out. That's when June realized the two were being attacked by their own pit bull inside their white pick-up truck.

"I knocked on the window and got the dog to come after me and then the young lady got out," June said.

"Her whole shirt was covered in blood," June's wife Vivian Lisby said.

June's wife Vivian called 911.

"Her arm was just like you couldn't even see the bone; the bone was gone it was completely gone; just really sad," Vivian said.

Police say the woman and her son were traveling with two small dogs and their pit bull inside this truck.

They stopped to look at rental property, and let the dogs out as they toured the neighborhood.

"Some neighboring dogs that were in the area started barking and they realized we'd probably better get our dogs back in our vehicle and they did and left, but one of their dogs they had in their vehicle was still agitated and stirred," said Major Jason Rice with the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.

And as they drove off, police believe the pit bull went into attack mode, biting the son, and then turning his attention on the mom, who may lose her arm.

The husband came rushing to the scene as well, moving their truck and then rushing to Louisville to be with his wife and son as they both continue to recover.

The dog is in quarantine at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.

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