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Bill could require a prescription for medicines containing pseudophedrine

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) – A bill is being considered that could force you to have a doctor's prescription to buy medicines such as Sudafed and Mucinex.

The bill is aimed to crack down on meth labs, but it is causing a lot of controversy.

The bill narrowly passed the Kentucky Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday, and now moves on to an uncertain future in the senate.

WAVE 3 stopped by the Valu Market in Highview Friday where over the counter medications containing pseudophedrine, a key ingredient in meth, were behind the counter.  All sales are logged both on paper and the nationwide meth check website.

Dan Kelty, a Valu Market customer, said he to thought there should be other ways to control meth labs, "Maybe they ought to have a little bit better enforcement of the law maybe that will stop it better. So when they find the meth labs and they break them up, they need to put them in jail longer than a day or two. That might help."

The Pharmacist at the Valu Market, Neil Wilsey, told WAVE 3 that making  pseudophedrine available by prescription only sounds like a good idea to him, "They continue to have meth labs flourishing in spite of what they've done so far with regulating the sales of pseudoephedrine so it seems like they need to do something, a next step which if they put it back on prescription would restrict the sale to people who have been to a doctor ."

In 2011, a similar bill passed the Judiciary Committee but once it got to the Senate it never made it to a vote.

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