Pet Food Bank needs new home

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -  It's where folks who are down on their luck can go to get food for their pets and help keep those animals out of local shelters.

But, No Kill Louisville's Pet Food Bank is about to lose it's home unless someone can step in.

For the past year, it's volunteers and donations have kept dogs and cats in our area alive by keeping them home with their owners, many of them seniors on fixed incomes.

"She was in tears when she left here because she was so happy," said Kathy Cook a volunteer for the Pet Food Bank as she described a woman who received food for her beloved dog.

The Pet Food Bank on south 6th Street: It's the reason Cook gives up part of her weekends.

Cook said of the needy people who use the food bank, "We have people who come down here for the first time and fill out their paperwork and they're in tears because they're sorry that they have to be here," she said.

Jessica Reid, the President of No Kill Louisville told WAVE 3 of the people they help, "Imagine losing your job or facing financial difficulty or even loosing your home and having to give up your pet too," she said.

It's a heartbreaking loss that local animal lovers have worked hard to stop.

But, at the end of 2010, the Kentucky Humane Society lost it's food warehouse and No Kill Louisville stepped in, finding a generous business owner who offered the 6th Street property for $1 a month rent and another $100 for the electric bill, keeping nearly 4-thousand pets fed in the first six months.

"It's hard to quantify how that relates to the shelter and how many we're keeping out of there," Reid explained, "and how much in tax dollars were saving by keeping them out of the shelters and the heartache were saving, it's such and important service."

27 shelters and rescues in the Louisville area also get food from this location at a huge discount: $50 dollars a pallet, thanks to donors like Blue Buffalo and Walmart. But now, the owner who's been a great help needs the space back. She's giving organizers until the end of March to find a new home.

"It's a wonderful community project and we're really desperately in need for a place," Cook said.

The Pet Food Bank needs a warehouse of decent size with a loading dock for the food donations.

While downtown is a great option because many of the pet owners they serve ride the TARC bus to get their food. They say they would be grateful for any offer out there.

If you or someone you know can help call (502) 296-6515.

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