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Shepherdsville Police investigate apparent hate crime

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Police in Bullitt County are investigating after an apparent hate crime at a convenience store. 

Police believe the suspects broke into Jacob's Smoke Shop sometime overnight Sunday, but it's not what they took that has some people nearby so upset.

It's a crime, neighbors had to see to believe. "I couldn't believe it," said Kim Goldsmith who works nearby. "I mean you see, you hear about it on TV or whatever, but you I've just never had seen it. It was terrible."

The small store, in a shopping center off of Highway 44, was ransacked. "They tore up everything the man owned in there," said Goldsmith. "He hasn't been there about a month or a little over."

Shelves were knocked over and red paint was splattered all over the walls and floors. One spray painted message read, "Go Home."

"He's foreign," said Goldsmith. "He's from, I think, middle east descent or something. I feel really bad for him. He is a nice man."

None of the other businesses were broken into nearby. "That just goes to show they were targeted him," said Katie Elway who works a few doors down. "I've talked to him. I've gone over to get a soft drink or something. I mean he is so nice. He most of the time doesn't even take our money for it, he  just gives it to us."

Shepherdsville Police say the suspects did get away with a few items from inside the store, but they are treating this as a hate crime.

"I feel so sad for him that this stuff goes on and that people are like that to people and that's there's so much hatred out there towards people," said Elway. 

WAVE 3 tried contacting the owner of Jacob's Smoke Shop, but we were not able to reach him. If you have any information that could help this investigation, give Shepherdsville Police a call at 502-957-1001. 

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