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Two Meade County schools on short list for closure

BRANDENBURG, KY (WAVE) - A letter that went out to parents in Meade County Wednesday has many of them upset.

Two elementary schools are on the short list for closure because Meade County school district officials say their operating expenses outweigh revenues.

It's a problem several school districts in Kentuckiana are facing right now but, families with children enrolled in the two beloved schools are hoping there's another option to the money woes so they can keep their schools open.

Battletown and Muldraugh Elementary schools: Two cherished institutions in two tight knit communities. Parent Susan Whelan told WAVE 3 News of Battletown Elementary "My mother went there, my grandmother worked in the cafeteria."

Memories are priceless for generations of students. That's why Wednesday's news came as such a shock.

Meade County Superintendent Mitch Crump sent a letter to each school asking that parents be informed that a financial strain on the district may put their school on the chopping block.

According to the letter, the shortfall is $1 million for the 2011-2012 school year.

Muldraugh 6th grader Shania Helm told WAVE 3 News, "My principal came into our class and told us that our school might be shutting down and I was like no! " she continued, " I didn't want it to close because there's a lot of memories at this school and I love it so much."

"It's just heartbreaking," Whelan said, " It really bothered me this afternoon when my son came home and told me they were going to be closing it."

Whelan says her 9-year-old son David and his fellow 3rd graders addressed their emotions with their pencils.

David told us, " Our teacher asked us to write what we were going to be upset about when we moved to a new school and I wrote, I'll miss my friends."

He said one of his classmates cried.

The superintendent tells WAVE 3 News, the issue is only being discussed for now, there was no vote on closing.

Crump did say Muldraugh has 91 students and Battletown only has 89 and the pupil costs in those schools are high considering the revenue coming in.

Students affected by the closures would be absorbed into other elementary schools in the district.  Crump invites parents to come and give their input during the next board meeting.

The parents plan to be heard.

Mrs. Whelan said of people coming together to support the schools, "The thing about country people is that we hang together and everybody knows everybody down here," she told us, " You've got to look at quality verses quantity, sure you can lump them in here with 300 other kids but, are they still going to get that quality education? "

That meeting to discuss the possible closures will be Tuesday March 13, at 7:30 PM at Stuart Pepper Middle School.

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