WAVE 3 Editorial – February 23, 2012: Water

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

The greatest problem in the world today is lack of access to safe water. A child dies every twenty seconds due to unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation and hygiene, according to UNICEF. It is a real crisis, affecting nearly 900 million people, according to the United Nations. More than 80% of all illness in the world is due to waterborne disease. More people die of it than cancer.

Louisville is fortunate to be one of the greatest powers of water in the world. Chlorine was invented here. Edge Outreach, an international nonprofit organization, is headquartered here and for the past decade has done pioneering work worldwide addressing the water crisis.

From developing new tools and resources to training people here and abroad to install purification systems, this organization is making a difference in our world.

It costs $6 to provide safe water to a person in the developing world for a year. Through efforts like shoe drives, EDGE raises money to initiate sustainable water projects and provide affordable footwear for the thousands of people worldwide who must walk on average six miles to get water.

We applaud and encourage support for their efforts and appreciate yet another way Louisville makes a difference in the world.

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