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Undercover sting tests citizens to see if they would buy alcohol for someone under the age of 21

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – Bullitt County deputies and Mount Washington police put their citizens to the test seeing if they would be willing to buy alcohol for someone under the age of 21.

This undercover sting was all in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of underage drinking. In unmarked cars, undercover officers and deputies went to work.

"You got some people who will say yes and some you'll hear no," said Detective Casey Clark with Mount Washington Police. 

The sting is called a "Shoulder Tap". Two investigative aids, adults, but younger than 21 put on their best party face, in an attempt to score beer.

"Hey man, can you come here a second," asks one aide. "Is there anyway you could get me a 12 pack? I have a party tonight."

We found plenty of people that wouldn't even consider the idea. "No, I'm not buying you beer dude," said one man to the aide. 

"I just said no I got kids, I can't be doing that," said Michael Moore, who was questioned by the aide. "I have to be responsible, I can't do that."

But sure enough, someone was willing to help them out, and break the law. The man was a little apprehensive, even checking inside the truck to make sure an officer wasn't there.

He eventually agreed and when he walked out with the beer in hand, that's when Clark stepped in.

"If they got that beer right there and started drinking, what if they killed somebody tonight?" Clark asked the man. "That beer would have come from you."

This man wasn't alone. "Did you buy both of those 12 packs with their $20?" asked Clark. 
"Yes," another man answered. 

No arrests were made during this sting. "You're not going to be charged," Clark told the men.
"You are going to get a warning."

Officers hope they will take this as a lesson and realize the dangers of underage drinking. "They are scared to death as soon as they realize they're caught, so it really works, I believe," said Clark.

During this sting the police agencies worked with Bullitt County Partners in Prevention. They passed out information about underage drinking to all the people that were stopped. Those who refused to buy the aides alcohol were rewarded with a gift card. 

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