Camm special prosecutor: dropping the case, "virtually inconceivable"

Camm special prosecutor Stan Levco
Camm special prosecutor Stan Levco
David Camm
David Camm

EVANSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The new David Camm prosecutor says he'll meet with the man he's replacing Friday to talk about the case, but he says you can almost count on it: the former Indiana State Trooper will face a third trial for the murders of his family.

"I've tried a lot of cases, so I've had a lot of unusual cases but this is, this is unusual," special prosecutor Stan Levco says of the Camm family murder case.

Levco was appointed Wednesday as the special prosecutor to take over the case after Floyd County's prosecutor was removed.  It will be up to him to decide if David Camm should face a jury a third time for the murders of his wife Kim and children Brad and Jill.  The family was found shot to death in the garage of their Georgetown home in September 2000.

Levco may be new to the Camm case, but it's not new to him.

"I've been familiar with it from the beginning and I've followed it pretty closely," he said.

A veteran prosecutor, Levco read both decisions overturning Camm's first two convictions. He even attended one day of Camm's second trial, held in Boonville near his Evansville home. Still, he's got a lot of homework ahead of him to get up to speed.

"Ordinarily if this were a typical case if there were such a thing, I might be able to read a file in a couple of hours, but this is going to be a matter of weeks, not hours or days," Levco said.

He can't say for sure until he's finished reading, but says a third trial for Camm is pretty likely.

"From what I know, it's virtually inconceivable to me that I won't want to try it," Levco said.

Levco spent around 20 years as Vanderburgh County prosecutor. He now holds the title of "senior prosecutor," meaning he takes on cases from around the state at the requests of judges, just like what happened in this case following Henderson's removal because of a conflict of interest.

He says he never had a moment's hesitation before accepting the Camm case, but says because of all the time it will take up, he likely won't be taking on any more for awhile.

Levco says he'll consult with Henderson at the beginning and may call him as questions come up, but because he's been removed from the case, Henderson will not be involved in the prosecution.

He adds he'll meet with Camm's lawyers in the coming weeks.

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