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Husband, wife arrested in car theft ring

Michael Ayers (Source: LMDC) Michael Ayers (Source: LMDC)
Sarah Ayers (Source: LMDC) Sarah Ayers (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A traffic stop by Louisville Metro Police has led to the arrest of a married couple and created a big dent into a car theft ring.

According to LMPD, the couple, 28-year-old Michael Ayers and 26-year-old Sarah Ayers, admitted to stealing dozens of Honda vehicles since September.

The couple told police they would take the cars to a home on Pigeon Pass Road in the Lynnview neighborhood where they would strip the cars for parts and dump what was left on area malls or apartment complex parking lots.

"I just read an article where people now are using, or keeping their cars a lot longer, so parts is a big thing as far as selling that out to people," said Major Donald Burbrink. "Now we are still working on that, where they're getting rid of them, what the market was."

Investigators say they believe more people were involved in the operation, and they are expecting more arrests.

During the investigation, Metro police said they also found personal items from the stolen Hondas. Police are working to get them back to their owners.

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