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Four people rushed to the hospital after part of ceiling collapses at popular Oxmoor restaurant

(source: Jesse Davidson) (source: Jesse Davidson)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Part of the ceiling of a popular Oxmoor restaurant came crashing down Sunday night during a peak dinner time, landing on tables and hitting people in the head.  Four people had to be rushed to Suburban Hospital.

The incident happened at Chuy's, located along Oxmoor Court.

"I looked back and the ceiling was falling," said eyewitness Jeremy Boone.

"It fell right on my sisters back and if she didn't cover up my grandson it would have hit him," eyewitness Jim Anderson told WAVE 3 News.

Sunday's family dinner for the Anderson's will be memorable, but for all the wrong reasons.

"My sister's complaining that her neck and back is hurting her," Anderson said.

While she chose to not go to the hospital, others did.

"We had four patients inside, two adults and two children," Louisville Fire and Rescue District Chief Richard Haines explained.

They're believed to have all suffered non-life threatening injuries.
Just getting here to the restaurant was a challenge for emergency personnel due to the popularity of the business.

"The restaurant was very crowded when we got here.  It was hard getting in here due to all the traffic and the cars in the area," Chief Haines said.

While it isn't clear what exactly caused the 8' x 4'  sheet of plywood to come crashing down...

"It looks like it just pulled loose from the ceiling," Haines said. caused quite a stir.

"The corner of it caught hit the blonde lady's head and she was holding the little girl when it hit her," Boone said.

"The little girl was crying her mom was pretty upset too.  And a couple seemed trapped inside their booth and after somebody else came and helped me we moved it out of their way and they got out of the booth and everybody cleared the area then," Anderson said.

The four sent to the hospital are believed to have none life threatening injuries.

No one from Chuy's wanted to comment, other than to say it's an unfortunate accident and that they're working to make sure the rest of the restaurant is safe.

They stayed open during the ordeal, but did close off that area of the restaurant.

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