EXCLUSIVE: Man sues after claims he lost testicle in wrestling match

John Miller
John Miller
Larry Wilder
Larry Wilder

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A professional wrestler is claiming he was supposed to win a match in Evansville, but unsportsmanlike moves from his opponent cost him the "W" and a whole lot more. On Monday, 23-year-old John Miller filed a lawsuit in Jeffersonville and spoke exclusively with WAVE 3.

Miller has dreamed about being a wrestler since middle school.

"I try to stay in shape you know, working out about six to seven days a week," said Miller.

He started wrestling at Jeffersonville High School when he was a freshman and weighed 111 lbs. He lost every match. When he was a senior, however, he nearly doubled his body weight.

"I've always wanted to be a professional wrestler," said Miller.

Miller has been to pro wrestling school and competed regularly until he was pinned in June.

"I just turned around from here, he just blast me between the legs and immediately from there I just fell straight down to my knees," said Miller.

That incident in the ring put him in the hospital and led him to an attorney.

"It is common place for the parties involved to sit down and choreograph what is to occur and the individual involved did not do that with John," said Larry Wilder, Miller's attorney.

Miller said he didn't see it coming and it was a hit below the belt.

"I went into shock," said Miller. "It was a numbness. I couldn't tell what was going on. It immediately swelled."

As a result Miller lost one of his testicles, which could mean lower testosterone and muscle loss, osteoporosis, and even impact his ability to have kids.

"You mean to tell me because some guy wanted to be selfish out there and take things into his own hands without going over something, I'm the one that's paying the price for it, not him," said Miller.

Miller filed a lawsuit Monday morning. He says even if it risks his career, he needs help paying the $20,000 in medical bills because he didn't have health insurance at the time.  

The defendants are his opponent Clinton Woosley aka "Guido Andretti," Coliseum Championship Wrestling, and promoter Sam Cosby.

Cosby said he doesn't remember Miller being hurt. He also said he is not the owner of Coliseum Championship and was just "doing what he said." The "he" is Mark Acker, the general manager of Veterans Coliseum, which was the venue.

"I did not hire (Miller)," said Acker. "He was not working for me. Sam Cosby hired and paid for him."

Acker and Cosby both said Miller didn't complain about being hurt after the match. Neither man thinks their names should be on the lawsuit.

WAVE 3 was unable to reach Woosley. As for Miller, he has since moved to Florida.

"There's nothing that's going to deter me away from my original goal, being a WWE superstar, because that's something I know I'm going to accomplish," said Miller.

Miller was a cast member on a reality television show on Oxygen called "Love Games 2." Miller said he was invited to wrestle in that match because of all the show's hype. The match was around the time of the show's finale.

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