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Prosecutor reacts to alleged murderer's jail house interview

Dejuan Hammond Dejuan Hammond
Ton Van De Rostyne Ton Van De Rostyne
Troya Sheckles (Source: WAVE 3 Archives) Troya Sheckles (Source: WAVE 3 Archives)
Steven Pettway Steven Pettway

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - New evidence has been released in a high profile murder case. On Friday, the man charged with Troya Sheckles 2009 murder spoke from his jail cell denying any involvement in the murder and bashing the prosecutor on this case. Monday, the case was back in the courtroom.

Dejuan Hammond wasn't in court Monday, but the man police say Hammond paid to kill Sheckles, Steven Pettway, was. WAVE 3 obtained a report detailing a better understanding of James Mallory, the jail snitch, who claimed Hammond told him about the murder.

On Friday, in a jail cell and in handcuffs, Dejuan Hammond told WAVE 3 he wasn't involved in Sheckles murder.

"We never felt like she was a threat to my brother's case," said Hammond.

Sheckles was shot to death in Shelby Park in March 23, 2009 on the eve of Dejuan Hammond's brother, Lloyd Hammond's, murder trial. In December, a prison inmate named James Mallory came forward claiming Dejuan told him he had Sheckles' murdered.

Dejuan Hammond told WAVE 3, he and his brother Lloyd had nothing to do with Sheckles murder. Dejuan Hammond says she wasn't a threat to them, because she didn't pick Lloyd out of a lineup. However, Sheckles did identify Hammond after seeing a photo of him on TV. She told police he was the man who killed her boyfriend.

Police contend they have proof Dejuan Hammond set up Sheckles murder and paid Pettway to kill her. Dejuan Hammond claims prosecutor Tom Van De Rostyne is targeting him and his brother to further his career. Monday, Van De Rostyne addressed those allegations.

"I think Mr. Hammond has an agenda and has clearly stated that," said Van De Rostyne. "But I would remind people that Mr. Hammond has five prior felony convictions four of those prior felony convictions I was the prosecutor in those cases."

Dejuan Hammond claims the prosecution's evidence from Mallory, jail house snitch, is all lies.

Mallory sent prosecutors a letter claiming he had "bombshell evidence" in the Sheckles murder, in exchange for shock probation. In a police interview on January 17 of this year, Mallory told an LMPD detective that Dejuan Hammond asked him to take part in Sheckles' murder and Mallory declined.

In the interview in April 2009, police say Mallory was locked up with Lloyd Hammond and Lloyd Hammond told Mallory "Man they got her, Man I'm getting ready to get out, they can't get me now on nothing."

The case goes back to court March 26. Hammond and Pettway's trial is expected to start in July.

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