WAVE 3 Editorial, February 28, 2012: Curbing Meth Making

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

It is disheartening when we are forced to do things for the common good that shouldn't have to be done – like heightened airport security measures, and now, getting a prescription for certain medications that contain pseudoephedrine to fight a cold or allergies, instead of buying it over-the-counter.

Unfortunately they must be done to curb menaces. And make no mistake the meth menace in Kentucky is as bad as anywhere in the country with nearly 2,500 meth lab busts in the past two years, and abuse costs rising and widening to include domestic violence and harm to children.

Pseudoephedrine is the key ingredient in making methamphetamine. Curbing access to it will cut back on meth labs and the danger they present.

These meth labs are treated as virtual hazardous waste sites when they are discovered and Kentucky nearly leads the nation in them. It is time to stop this insanity. Meth labs were nearly wiped out in Oregon and are being wiped out considerably in Mississippi after legislation requiring prescriptions for pseudoephedrine was passed in those states.

Legislation is pending for the third year in a row now in Kentucky to make this a requirement here.

Drug companies argue this is unfair. They are correct.

Citizens say this is unfair. They are correct as well.

But we are at the point in the Commonwealth that the cost of meth related problems outweighs the inconvenience and unfairness of dealing with it.

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