Nearly 90 students out sick at Dunn Elementary School

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Jefferson County Health Department and JCPS Health Services were notified on Wednesday of a large number of student absences at Dunn Elementary School.

The parents of 66 students notified the school that their children would be absent Wednesday morning, and approximately twenty other students were sent home early due to illness.

The students reported stomach aches and vomiting, and for some, a headache and chills, as well. Principal Patti Barron said most of the students appeared quite pale.

Barron said school staff members have been following procedures JCPS Health Services and the health department recommended to minimize healthy student exposure to the illness.

"Precautionary measures have included keeping windows open to increase air circulation, staff supervision and quarantine of ill students, and calls to parents/guardians to come to school to take sick children home," said Barron.

The health department told school leaders it believes this is a virus that will run its course in 24-48 hours.

Parents are urged to make arrangements for their child to stay home if they exhibit any symptoms to avoid spreading the virus further.

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