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2 confirmed tornadoes rip through LaRue County

HODGENVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Dozens of people in LaRue County were left picking up the pieces after two tornadoes touched down there.

Emergency crews were keeping an eye on some of the homes that were destroyed. By looking at the damage, it's amazing to know that everybody made it out safe.

"This was a skipping tornado," said John Gordon, chief meteorologist for the National Weather Service. "It wasn't continuously in touch with the ground. It skipped along. In some areas where it came down, it got real low to the ground and did significant damage."

Strong winds ripped through parts of LaRue County Wednesday morning, annihilating homes and tossing cars. "When it was over I looked out at my car and it was on top of the other car," said Kelly Fitzpatrick, who works at State Farm. 

Some people, like David Bell, were already at work when they heard of the warnings. Bell feared for his elderly mother who was sleeping inside their home.

"I had a friend that come in and busted the door to check on my mother, and she was fine, luckily," said Bell.

But unfortunately, their house and property weren't as lucky. More than ten trees were uprooted, a portion of their roof was gone, and there was severe interior damage.

"It was just amazing, I mean really, because there was a lot of damage out there, a lot of damage here and nobody was hurt," said Bell. "You can't beat that."

At least 20 homes in Hodgenville were destroyed or at least severely damaged. 

Jennifer and Paul Mayfield's house cannot be saved. "It is totally gone," said Jennifer Mayfield. "It is not salvageable. We had our church family here all day helping me pack up stuff."

Even at the end of the day, they're still able to smile and focus on what's truly important.

"When I knew that my wife was safe and our cats were safe, everything else I bought, and I can buy again," said Paul Mayfield.

Thirty troops from the Kentucky National Guard were activated to assist police and watch out for looters. By Wednesday night, at least two people had been arrested for looting. The National Guard will be on hand for the next 30 days to help the citizens of LaRue County. 

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