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Tornado tears through Elizabethtown

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ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - The tornado seemed to grip Hodgenville Road in Elizabethtown, going home to home leaving some kind of destruction in its path.

"Soon as I opened the door and saw daylight I knew the house was gone," said resident Gerald Stopher.  He didn't have time to make it to the basement with his wife and the two twins they were watching, so he ducked between the sink and bathtub.

"We heard on WAVE 3 News actually that a tornado was getting ready to hit Elizabethtown," Stopher said.

As he grabbed a flashlight to take to the basement, the tornado hit, carving out a skylight in the bedroom, and bringing down the living room wall and tearing off the roof.

"My wife said it sounded like a train but I didn't have time to hear anything except the glass and the crash.  It seemed like it was over with, maybe a minute," Stopher said.

That's all it took to destroy decades of memories.

"29 years," Stopher said.  "All gone now."

Around the neighborhood, curtains normally covering windows are now wrapped around branches, and many cars in the area have seen better days, like a white Ford Taurus that has it's windows bashed out and is dented by a huge limb.

Up the street, residents salvaged what they could from this mobile home park.

"I grabbed some clothes and my favorite chips," Kelsey Dykes said.

She took cover at school when the storm hit, while at home, her mom worried when the warnings sounded, yet things got very calm.

"I went to the door and I seen it form in the back field and so I shut the door and grabbed the mattress and threw it over me," Amanda East said.

Neighbors Charles and Mary Rudd and their dog also watched the storm roll in.

"We felt the whole trailer move.  And just felt it go like this and I just knew it was all done it was over," Charles Rudd explained.

They've lived in their mobile home since 1997, and despite some close calls in the past, they hope to continue living here.

"Hopefully we're going to try to get us another mobile home in here.  I like mobile home living, I ain't going to give it up," Rudd said.

Crews continue working to restore power in the area, while insurance agents have also been making their way to the area to assess the damage.

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