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LaRue County residents clean up after tornadoes

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HODGENVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The two tornadoes that touched down in LaRue County on Wednesday damaged 19 homes in Hodgenville. Eight of them were left uninhabitable. The people who live there can't return home until the houses are repaired or rebuilt. 

The National Weather Service classified one of the tornadoes as an EF1; the other as an EF2.

As neighbors spent Thursday cleaning up, the best in the community came out to help out.

Melissa Clark's home is one of eight without a roof in the KC Estates subdivision. "It's very stressful," Clark said. "I had some jewelry in there from my grandmother and a couple gifts from my dad that recently passed away. So hopefully, we can find some things like that, the sentimental things. The other stuff can be replaced."

In this time of need, a helping hand or holding hands made the day after the storms a little brighter. Karen Smith with the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team combed the neighborhood offering volunteer services.

"We really never know what to say in these situations. We don't know why it happens, but we know He's in charge, and He can hold them in His hand through all this," Smith said.

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team is a legitimate non-profit group offering free services to the homeowners and neighbors.

However, the damaged homes and property created crimes of opportunity for looters. In Hodgenville, the Kentucky National Guard was working with local law enforcement to set up curfews and a perimeter to protect the damage homes.

"I know there's a lot of people that want to help, but we're really trying to urge people to stay away from the area," said EMA Director Chris Jackson. "If you don't have a legitimate reason, we ask people to avoid the area." To obtain credentials, officials are asking volunteers to check in at the Hodgenville Mayor's office.

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