Headstones from the 1800s damaged by tornado

GRAYSON COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - While the damage from the EF2 tornado that came through Grayson County was not as widespread as it was in Hardin and LaRue counties, what it did damage has had a lot of meaning.

Dated from two centuries ago, the headstones outside Little Clifty Baptist Church have withstood the test of time. So did their tree, "I'd say that tree is well over 200 years old," said neighbor Eugene Whobrey. That's until Wednesday's tornado rolled right through, uprooting the entire thing and taking out a lot of headstones. "It's knocked down about 50 or 55," said the Church Board Chairman, Leon Hayes.

The tree landed on at least another 15 headstones. After hearing what happened, the Whobreys stopped by to make sure their family member's headstones were still standing. "One whole side of my family's buried here," said Florence Whobrey. They are all just fine, but the couple is sad to see what the storm did to the others and the church.

Board members said no one was inside when the tornado hit. "There were some people who were members of our church that live in a trailer and they come here for shelter occasionally. They had been here earlier and left shortly before this happened," said Hayes. Had they stayed, it looks like they would have been fine. The only damage to the building was some shingles on the roof that let water in, but it's nothing the sun can't dry out.

It means the church can say their prayers, first for their neighbors who lost so much more. "I talked to the sister-in-law of one of the gentleman injured this morning. He's doing okay at a Louisville hospital. Going to be fine eventually. He had some head trauma," explained Hayes.

Secondly, they are thankful they can start the clean up. They've already called the monument company to get the stones back upright. They say they will have services on Sunday.

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