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Cleanup continues in Grayson County after Leap Day tornadoes

GRAYSON COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Storm cleanup continues across Kentuckiana after a potent line of storms and tornadoes blew through on Leap Day. In Grayson County, Old Millerstown Road between Horntown and Clarkson is back open after people spent much of Thursday cutting down huge trees that blocked the road. Large tree limbs are one side of the road, and twisted metal from damaged and destroyed homes is on the other side, but there's still a long road to go to get all the debris cleaned up.

"It was so scrambled that you've got to take equipment to clean things up," said Stevie Gibson, who volunteered his Thursday to help clean up the debris using a Bob Cat to move it into piles.

One tall pile is made up of scrap metal, including things like a shattered basketball goal and a dishwasher door.  The people who lived in the homes along Old Millerstown Road grabbed the few personal items that were not destroyed.

"I found some kids pictures earlier. They pretty well went through everything Wednesday," Gibson said.

Now flames dance around once prized possessions, as they burn to a mere shell of what they once were.

"It's not a good feeling," Sue Decker said.  She watched from far away, as the twister ripped her grandson's mobile home to shreds.  He took shelter at his aunt's house.

For the Decker family, tornadoes in this area are becoming an unexpected family tradition.

"In 1989 when the other storm hit, our daughter was in it," Decker explained.

The good news is that her family members have lived to tell about it both times.

"It's really sad, but like I said thank God nobody was hurt.  I know you get your feelings hurt but lives cannot be replaced," Decker said.

One person inside his mobile home when the twister struck suffered some broken bones and friends say he is actually expected to be released from the hospital this weekend.

People living in the area impacted by the storms are just hoping that Friday's forecasted severe weather won't be as memorable.

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