NWS surveys tornado damage, residents return home

CHELSEA, IN (WAVE) - The National Weather Service canvassed Jefferson County, as well as the rest of the region Saturday. Field crews surveyed the damage apparent tornadoes left behind.

Daylight revealed the aftermath in Chelsea, Indiana - a small community approximately 45 minutes north of Louisville.

"You know, this is just stuff," Teri Kleopfer said. The twister lifted her home off its foundation and scattered her belongings across acres.

Their car needs a little body work, but she's driven to find hope among the muck and mud.

"It can all be replaced," she said.

Kleopfer and her husband weren't home when the deadly tornado ravaged their property. Their neighbors were. And aren't here anymore. Two great grandparents and a grandson are among those who were killed in the storm.

"It's just devastating to look over there and see that," Kleopfer said as she glanced across the street.

Meteorologist John Gordon with the National Weather Service spent the weekend surveying Chelsea and the rest of the region recovering from what appears to be a large tornado, one that's killed dozens across Kentucky and Indiana.

"The devastation in this area. It's just unbelievable," Gordon said. "it's certainly a large scale tornado."

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels dispatched the National Guard to work hand-in-hand with local law enforcement to make sure everyone who's allowed into the entrance of devastation has a good reason to be there.

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