Chelsea forever changed since tornado

CHELSEA, IN (WAVE) - The small town of Chelsea, IN is forever changed. A tornado destroyed lives and killed four in Jefferson County. Volunteers helped clean-up the day after and Duke Energy crews are already removing bent telephone polls.

"You could see all the material just up in the air," said Don Cleffman who lives nearby. "You could see the tornado coming through."

Cleffman's uncle Terry Jackson and his wife Nancy, both 70, were inside their home when the storm hit. The Coroner said she found their bodies outside.

"(Terry) was always pleasant to have around an his wife was always a jokester," said Tony Williams who owns the Chelsea General Store.

Gov. Mitch Daniels met with family as he was surveying the damage, including their son who is a Conservation Officer.

The couple's granddaughter was inside with her two children. A family friend says her 4-year-old boy Daylynn Jackson was ripped our of his mother's arms during the storm.

All three of the victims died of multiple blunt force traumas according to the Coroner.

"It makes me think about my little boy and I get to go home to him and tuck him in at night, and she doesn't," said Becky Bear who babysat Daylynn.

About one mile away 30-year-old John Poyner died inside what was left of his home, according to the Coronor.

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